Premium HyC Opens Online Store with ‘‘Ask Your Doctor’’

14 Jul , 2017 Blog

Premium HyC Opens Online Store with ‘‘Ask Your Doctor’’

E-Commerce is growing at an astonishing rate, with business online now accounting for one quarter of the total retail market. The trend is on an upward spiral showing no signs relenting.

Retailers cannot afford to ignore this market avenue as their trade lessens and customers continue to shift to ordering product online. The 2015 Monde selection Gold award winner Premium HyC has opened its online store.

Now all customers can order premium HyC beauty products and fine Japan products through which includes free delivery within the Philippines.

HyC products are also available across the Philippines in Selected Watson stores nationwide and online on as well.

This now widens the reach of our customers and enhances a wider range of payment options including bank transfer, Gcash or PayPal for our customers’ convenience. A defining feature on our online store which augurs very well in the industry and with customers is the “ask a doctor” feature.

This now allows customers who want to purchase online and have technical queries in respect to ingredients or possible side effects to not only put their queries across, but more importantly, to be responded to by a medical expert practicing aesthetic medicine.

When it comes to beauty and aesthetic, women are more open to asking questions, but not so with men. This feature allows a discrete avenue for men seeking advice on these products to be able to correspond with the doctors on the online store.

The doctors are qualified experts on the aesthetic discipline and include Dr. Emehly Sevilla- Castilo founder and medical director of Vine Holistic and Medical Aesthetics and Dr. Radolpho Apostol vice president for Business Affairs of the International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences.

There is little doubt on the quality of of HyC products. In fact, one of our best sellers is HyC150 supplemental drink manufactured by Fine Japan Co Ltd.

HyC150 contains 150mg of Hyaluron which is the body’s natural moisturizer that lubricates the joints and tissues for fluid painless movements. It also contains anti aging properties that will not only make you look younger but will leave you feeling good and healthy as well. In addition to keeping skin healthy, it also strengthens nails and hair giving it that silky lustrous sheen.

HyC150 also contains 5,250mg of collagen. The human aging process is marked by loss of collagen in the body. This drink replenishes your collagen keeping you looking younger.

The third and most important ingredient in this drink is Ubiquinol, the body’s natural immune booster. Ubiquinol is also an antioxidant that protects the body from environmental toxins and strengthens the immune system

Premium HyC products are revolutionary and are now leveraging on the power of e-Commerce for your convenience.

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