Online Store Should Learn from Offline Stores

14 Jul , 2017 Blog

Online Store Should Learn from Offline Stores

A comparison between offline and online stores conversion rates will reveal that offline stores conversation is far much higher. Offline retailers will maintain that, of all people who walk in to their store, 50% will make a purchase; however, the reality is that 20% to 40% average is the true conversation rate for offline stores.

Although this conversion rate is not satisfactory to offline retailers, it is a far cry from the meager percentile of online stores which comes in at an average of 1% to 5% conversion. It is often an elusive and frustrating issue to online retailers who wonder why their conversion rates cannot match those of offline stores despite trying all manner of gimmicks and marketing campaigns.

To get to the bottom of this, one has to try and understand the nuances of both the offline and online shopping experiences in order to address this disparity.

Why online conversion rates are lower

1)      Multiple choices simultaneously 

One of the reasons why conversion is low in online stores in comparison to offline stores is because of the choice afforded online. When a shopper does not find, with relative ease, what they are looking for on your site they will simply move on the next online shop.

Customers will tend to look at several online shops and compare several factors like website design, and delivery time. But the most determining conversion factor is usually price.

2)      How people eventually land on your website

Another reason is most often, visitors find your website through snippets of information from search engines. So they are not sure the shop is relevant to them until they are browsing your site. When not relevant to them they will simply move on to the next like for like online store.

This emphasizes all the more, why business online needs to get their SEO marketing right. Given the conversion statistics, there are many more beneficial insights to be gleaned from offline shops.

Here’s how to harness the benefits of a shop on your website

To make up for the impersonal and sterility that a virtual website has, you can incorporate videos and utilize the human aspect of it to make your online environment a more welcoming, interactive and helpful space for your customers.

  • Web presenter videos; a welcoming face to give an introduction to your online shop. They can quickly point buyers in the right direction and avoid them leaving by increasing the chances of finding what they are looking for fast enough. This has been proven to increase the average conversion to 10%-20 % upwards.
  • Product demonstration; instead of lengthy technical descriptions, anticipate what the customer wants to know and see about the product and present that in a short video addressing all their concerns.
  • Reviews and testimonials; if you have satisfied customers, who liked your service, have them give a review or testimonial on video and post them on your site. This helps immensely in winning other shoppers trust.
  • Mobile phones are tipping the scales; the buyer shopping cycle has changed. His first option is no longer going to an offline shop but to check for cheaper options online using a portable device. After the mentioned points, it now imperative your site to be responsive to all devices, this way you broaden your reach. If your SEO is properly focused upon, it will put you within reach of millions which should lead to a better conversion.

Using such measures you can see an increase in the conversion rates in of online stores.

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